ZFS and Novell or not Novell?

Today I’m following with some interest two linux related stories:

  • The first one is that the ZFS performance in Linux is not that great. Linux users (and Mac users for what is worth it) have been touted about the super benefits of Suns’ ZFS file system for ages. Well… tests don’t show much. Personally I’m sticking with ext4.
  • The other story that hit the news today is that Novell is being sold for some gazillion dollars. Hm… We are witnessing a lot of cash movement on companies that have a big role in open source this year. What’s next? Canonical? Red Hat? The truth is that this buy has a fishy side to all of this and that is that part of Novell assets is being bought by a consortium put together by Microsoft. Taking into account that Novell and Microsoft were bestfriends for some time now…