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Aesthetics With Deep Learning

Pantograph Rose

Understanding Aesthetics with Deep Learning ♣ This is an oldie but a important topic. Aesthetics. Can “machines” create beautiful objects? Can machines even tell us what is beautiful and what is not? Other work on the same topic is taking a comercial approach to this problem. eg Deep Learning for Classifying Hotel Aesthetics Photos. What is the role of beautiful photos in online hotel room booking (tldr: is not the price alone that matters).

Another aspect of this is that not everyone sees beauty in the same way ♣ Personalized Aesthetics: Recording the Visual Mind using Machine Learning.

And in Design: is it important to re-think the tools of the trade in the age of ML? ♣ Rethinking Design Tools in the Age of Machine Learning

And one unrelated topic—as such thing exists ♣
Motif and Hypergraph Correlation Clustering