(define sixhat
  (λ (dave)
    (display 'ideas)))

Added an RSS feed to sixhat.net

I'm a big fan of serving content via RSS feed. But MdBook doesn't provide RSS. It is mainly targeting the production of books.

I decided to script my blog's RSS and with a bit of python plus a bit of BeautifulSoup I now have a RSS feed. It is basically a RSS 2.0 spec and passes validation.

Some things might brake as the process is still not fully tested and robust. It doesn't support enclosures for now (no podcasts or rich media in the pipe). It doesn't have advanced features, has basic html in the content (escaped, not that CTDATA stuff). It is simple, as RSS should be (Real Simple Syndication).

Ah, if you need an RSS reader, try RUSS. I'm loving it.