(define sixhat
  (λ (dave)
    (display 'ideas)))

About this notebook

Hi, I'm David. You've stumbled upon my personal online notebook. The notes you find here are my working notes about things that interest me in some manner.

These notes are mostly written for myself. This website is a notebook where I take notes, draft ideas and try a few things. It is not a full publication website –– My academic Website sits here -- and don't expect it to be highly edited or even correct most of the time. It is just my personal journal to take notes for my future reference. These are evergreen notes, that will evolve over time or be forgotten forever in these pages.

There is a main index but it might not include all notes available in the website as some will just live under hierarchies of ideas. I'm very fond of Zettlekastens but usually lack the rigorous mind to keep them organised.