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Robert Axtell and Joshua Epstein levels of agent based models performance

Axtell and Epstein[1] stated that an agent-based model performance can be characterised a a level, with any further level encompassing the previous:

Level 0: a caricature of reality, as established through the use of simple graphical devices (allowing the visualisation of agent motion) Level 1: The model is in qualitative agreement with empirical macro-structures, as established by plotting distributions of population properties Level 2: The model is in quantitative agreement with empirical macro-structures as established by plotting on-board statistical estimation routines. Level 3: The model is in quantitative agreement with empirical micro-structures, as determined by cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of the agent population.

1 - Axtell, R., & Epstein, J. (1994). Agent-based modeling: Understanding our creations. The Bulletin of the Santa Fe Institute, 9(4), 28-32.

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