(define sixhat
  (λ (dave)
    (display 'ideas)))

I'm back to social networks, and it is Mastodon.

As the blue bird melts down I've decided to get back to social networks. I joined Mastodon. If you want to get out of the toxic/dictatorial world that Twitter has become and want to go back to fundamental community sharing in a decentralised way that no one can buy and destroy, give Mastodon a try. You can find me @sixhat@datasci.social

The main reason for choosing Mastodon is that it is a federated not owned centrally by one entity. For me, this decentralisation is of primary importance. If you don't find a community that you like, you can join with your server, build your small community (even if it is only your family) interested in some particular topic, and still take part in a greater public discussion.

To start, choose a server on a topic that you are keen on and start following some people (you can follow people from other servers, you are not in a silo, or have reading limits) and some #hashtags.