(define sixhat
  (λ (dave)
    (display 'ideas)))

the wei (web environment integrity) api proposal from google is dangerous and should not go forward.

wei will allow the webpage provider to arbitrary block you if you're not using a certain browser, for example, via what is called an attester that will certify that you (the receiver, consumer of content) are trustworthy.

the idea is that wei will force you, the client, to consume the content in the way they envisioned. this means no adblockers, no text-based browsers, no plugins that change the content you consume in any way. no non-human reading of the website. this basically means you'll hand control over your computer environment or else you'll get no service.

in any case google is already pushing code to their development github of chrome meaning that they will push the proposal with, or without, the approval of the w3c (the consortium managing web standards). they will enforce it on top of having 65% market share and probably forcing every google service to go through chrome (this means gmail, ads, youtube, etc...).

if you want to read about this potential danger go here:

in any case my suggestion is to move to firefox and help diminish chrome share. No browser should have such power and as Chrome is becoming the new IE you should give the alternatives a try.