(define sixhat
  (λ (dave)
    (display 'ideas)))

I'm giving Zed a try.

- Whose program is this?
- It's editor, baby.
- Whose editor is this?
- It's VSCode's.
- Who's VSCode?
- VSCode's dead baby, VSCode's dead.

In this case, the dead one might be VSCode.

I've been a vim/neovim/vscode user for a couple of yeas now. In all this time the ammount of bloat VSCode has installed as grown to a point that I find myself thinking why I keep dragging this anchor of an editor.

It can't even delete extensions from the support folder when I uninstall them.

Then there's all those node_modules folders filled with rogue JS for each plugin I use (that vscode never deletes).

So I decided to try Zed.

It comes from the creators of Atom. After repenting they went with rust for Zed.

If the last two facts weren't enough to get my attention, the Zed mono and Zed sans fonts used in the editor got me 100%.

And for what I use a text editor for, zed is just blazing fast. What a surprise. Happy times in 2024!