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  (λ (dave)
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GPT-4o - What an awful personality

OpenAI just launched GPT-4o, a multimodal model capable of reasoning about text, voice and video in real time.

The demo videos are really impressive about the reasoning, but one has to be be really scared about the personality of the 'persona' in the machine.

It is really over-positively-enthusiastic about everything and about drying paint. It is the hyperactive overly eager friend that tries so hard to please that it becomes completely obnoxious. And it is chatty, trying to convey emotion to every answer, to every interaction. What a pain to interact with.

The researchers from Open AI where obviously enamoured with their creation in the videos, but the 'persona' they created is nothing more than a Frankenstein striving to much to become human.

Someone had to choose that style for the persona—I don't want to start thinking that this personality is a byproduct of the training data. The latter would be very unsettling.