(define sixhat
  (λ (dave)
    (display 'ideas)))

array based languages

recently i came across uiua, a rust based array-oriented language that i fell in love immediately because of the aesthetics of the code. see the following online pad:

it computes the sum of the numbers in the range [0,100) that are greater than 50. although at first it looks a bit confusing, the use of unicode symbols makes is very pretty, in my eyes.

this is very different from j, that only uses ascii characters and makes reading the code a bit harder—just my opinion. this doesn't take merit from j, which has many features and is more mature, but aesthetics count.

code in `uiua`` reads left to right (ltr) and operators are to the left of their operands, making it resemble lisp like prefix notation. but it executes things in right to left (rtl). the authors even have a faq entry about rtl.

i'm not an expert in these kinds of languages, but i'm going to look more into them during 2024. i'm tired of imperative programming languages and want to expand into different territories.

i'm considering being drastic about it. force myself to write everything i need during 2024 in any of the following:

and if something fails me i'll use my loved python, but only in despair.